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Inventory Control - Batch
Unitech Portable Terminals provide a simple no-hassle way to collect inventory information and later upload all your data to a host server. Unitech Portables have gained a well-deserved reputation for toughness and ease of use.
Inventory Control - Wireless
Unitech approaches wireless data collection in a modular way. Many Unitech portable terminals feature a built-in PCMCIA slot so you can choose your favorite wireless card. That way you can have the wireless solution that works best for you.
Asset Management
When you've got lots of assets, you need a professional way to track it all. And because your assets are probably in lots of different places, Unitech makes portable terminals that are lightweight, rugged, easy to use, and wireless capable.
Sales Force Automation
Getting everyone out in the field and in constant contact is just another day at work for Unitech portables. Using the popular CE.Net or PocketPC operating systems, and a wide variety of wireless solutions, rugged Unitech portable data terminals maximize your sales force's efficiency.
Point of Sale
Keeping accurate track of your sales and inventory is one of the keys to retail success. Unitech POS keyboards and scanners make you look great while keeping your customers happy.
Time and Attendance
Time is money - and Unitech fixed terminals are a valuable tool in getting control over both. Programmable, rugged, and versatile, Unitech clocks are designed to meet your requirements for Time & Attendance, Loyalty Programs, and Work-In-Progress applications.
Meter Reading
Get in - get the data - and get out. That's the world of Utility Meter Reading. And of course it has to be done as quickly as possible and with perfect accuracy. That's where Unitech data collection solutions come in.
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